Стереоскопическая фотография русского фотографа химика начала 20 века Николая Шилова . Сделана на перевале Бреннер в итальянских Альпах на границе с Австрией. Один из замечательных русских фотографов начала 20 века, работавшего в технике стереоскопии. Образец стереоскопического фотоискусства.
From “Belle Époque” to the Revolution – History of Russia as it is reflected in Stereophotography. 1880-1917 in 3D.
Разговор о стереофотографии на телеканале Культура 21 ноября.

We invite you to the premiere of a new slide in 3D.

Премьерный показ фильма в 3D

Dear friends!

We are happy to invite you to the premiere screening of a new 3D slide film, as a part of the   Exhibition “From Belle Époque to Revolution – the History of Russia through Stereo Photography”. The film was created on the basis of stereoscopic photographs of the Russian photographers who shot at the turn of the 20th century – P.Vtorov, A.Karzinkin, P. Postnikov, S.Chelnokov, V. Shukhova, N. Shilov.  The pictures were taken by these photographers in different circumstances, in Russia and abroad, they show how the photographers experimented with the camera and how they observed the world around them. The pictures also prove that they were not just witnesses of the events of the time but they also meditated with the help of the stereo camera. We tried to collect together stories from Russian and European life, war and peace, guided by the desire to convey the range of thoughts and emotions that photographers put in their pictures, deliberately using the technique of stereo photographic filming. Turning a picture into a movie is always a risk, but we did it to make the reflections of the person with a stereo camera more understandable to the contemporary viewer.

The show will be held in the showroom of Gostiny Dvor 273 on October 18 at 19.00
Please, register for the event (registration in the Facebook group or a message on the site).

We will be glad to see you!

Team project “Man with a Stereo Camera.”

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