Фонд Челнокова – в гостях у Толстого – 2 ноября 2017.
Release of the program “Observer” on the TV channel Culture.

From the Same Place after 120 Years. Announcing the photographic competition sponsored by the Sergei Chelnokov Foundation.

Dear Friends!
We suggest taking part in the Competition for the best photograph taken from the same place,from which any of the unique photographs exhibited here was taken, after 120 years. All the photographs presented for the Competition were taken by the Russian photographers S. Chelnokov,N. Shilov, V. Shuhov, P. Vtorov, A. Karzinkin under different circumstances and in different places.They are joined together by the fact that they were made iin a different time and by their passionate desire to narrate about the world with the help of the camera.
The pictures were taken in Moscow, Kiev, Nigniy Novgorod, Manjuria, Venice, Cairo, Tanger, London and in other places. They took their photographs paying particular attention to the subject in the photograph making it single out of the day-to-day course of time.

To reproduce this expressiveness today, when the world has changed so much, may be quite a challenge for the photographer, the more so as the picture has to be taken from the same place. It is not just reproducing the picture of the past from the same place but also implying something that reflects the world of today. Historical comparison is interesting in itself as it opens up perspectives for finding common features and differences. In this way we can get the image of our time which is a combination of different components.

What should be particularly highlighted is that the main part of the image should be some person , like in the photographs taken by Sergei Chelnokov. We cannot just reproduce the old pictures , we are supposed to put the pictures in a different context making them a part of contemporary life.

The terms of the Competition and the composition of the Jury will be announced later. The historical photographs will be presented on our site.

Florence Santa Croce – Julia Nikolaenko 2017 – Sergei Chelnokov 1904.

Moscow, Kremlin Embankment – Anna Chelnokova 2017 – Sergei Chelnokov 1900.


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