If you are interested in history you can take part in the project.

We need volunteers who would like to participate in the historical and archive work connected with the search of photo archives and also in the work connected with the digitalization of stereo photographs and the use of modern 3D technologies. The volunteers will be also involved in the recreation of the history of the photographers, which will be represented in the cultural and educational programs of the Manesh Museum.

If you wish to take part in the implementation of the project and become a volunteer offering your ideas and findings- please write to us.
We would appreciate any form of support , thus we would take part in the real process of making the unknown and forgotten history publicly known. It refers to any form of support and donations on the part of those who want to contribute to the return of the past of photography. Please write to us about your wish to support the project in any form- by supplying information, technologies, or by donations.

Использование любых материалов фонда допустимо только при согласовании.